MONODAWN by Giona Silei - Performance Video

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WE WERE NEVER HERE by Dimitri & Ladislas | Performance Video | Cardistry Touch

GET THE CARDS at Follow us on Facebook: & on Instagram: It’s been too long since our last performance video, more than two years, so we’re glad to finally be able to share our latest creations.Step into our world and witness our new moves in two ambiences, two colors, and two new decks: PULSE, in the hands of Dimitri, and PULSE BLUE, in Ladislas’ hands. Cardistry performed by Ladislas Toubart & Dimitri Arleri Cinematography: François Dubois Editing, Compositing & Sound Design: Ladislas Toubart Lighting & Setting: Edouard Chandelle Location: C13, Brussels Music by Danger 0:59 (Edited Version) Get the track here: Move list: 0:15 J-Walk by Dimitri 0:37 Hoop Transfer by Dimitri 0:46 Dashmere by Dimitri (Credit to Oliver Sogard) 0:55 Snatch Autospin combo by Dimitri 1:07 364 by Dimitri 1:18 One Handed Mechanical 2 by Dimitri 1:27 Arya by Dimitri 1:49 Haze by Ladislas 1:54 Maestro 2 by Ladislas 2:05 Pinchol by Ladislas (Credit to Oliver Sogard) 2:11 Get back by Ladislas 2:17 Kata by Ladislas 2:24 Crossed by Ladislas 2: